About Matt & Mike

Matt RitcheyMatt was born in Baltimore, MD and attended New York University (albeit many years later). After moving to Los Angeles in 1998 and realizing that his college major of Elitism wasn’t getting him any jobs, he started making the rounds as a for-hire reviewer, often giving a better review to clients offering him more money (his review of Tommy Wiseau’s THE ROOM stated, “Rarely has this kind of misunderstood genius been given the opportunity to shine on the silver screen”).  One night after watching a 20th Anniversary screening of THE KARATE KID in Burbank, CA, he and his friends were attacked in the parking lot by a crazy person wearing a Cobra Kai karate gi.  Because of an improperly filled out restraining order, he and his attacker, Mike, are not allowed further than six yards from one another for seven years.
Mike OnofriMike was born in Trenton, New Jersey and attended metal shop at Trenton Middle School. Mike thought he ran into Ron Howard at a local sub shop (it was actually Clint Howard) and had the sudden realization that he was “destined to be a film clinic.” (sic) The biggest moment in his life occurred after moving to Hollywood – in a tense battle, he and his fellow dojo brothers nearly won the All Valley Karate Championship, but were thwarted by a skinny Italian kid from Reseda. After the fight, he found the kid in the parking lot and beat the bejeezus out of him, exacting his revenge. That same night, he met Matt, and they found that they had similar interests in movies. From that day on, they haven’t left one another’s side!