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Christmas Dies Hard! A Movie Mangle Special

What if Bruce Willis never pissed off the Germans? What if Matt and Mike never thought of this Christmas Dies Hard special spectacular? We may never know the answer to these and many other questions, such as: “what are birds for?” and, “who says you can’t bake a casserole with toothpaste?” However, what we DO know, is that Christmas Dies Hard is THE MOST AWESOMEST MOVIE MANGLE OF 2013! We dare you to think otherwise… go ahead, watch the video, and tell us why YOU think it’s not the most epic Movie Mangle you’ve seen this year.  Ready, go.

Christmas Sucks! These Movies Can Help

We all know that nobody REALLY loves Christmas. All that joy, singing, and lying to children is enough to make anybody want to puke up a turkey leg just to beat the nearest lawn snowman with. But movie expert Matt Ritchey of Movie Mangle has just the cure:

Grumpycat says: Christmas Sucks!

Grumpy Cat says: Christmas Sucks!

Top 3 Movies This Christmas Even Holiday Cynics Can’t Miss:

Christmas sucks less with heartwarming animation

Christmas sucks less with heartwarming animation

1.   Disney’s FROZEN: an AMAZING animated film about Elsa, a young girl forced into exile because everything she touches turns to ice (sound familiar, you humbugs?). Much like TANGLED, FROZEN has the heart, imagination, incredible animation and great storytelling that Disney is known for, and the accompanying Disney short film makes FROZEN an absolute must this Christmas. It may just soften your frosty heart in the process.

Christmas sucks

If Disney succeeds, will Christmas still suck?

2.    Disney’s SAVING MR. BANKS:  Starring Tom Hanks and Emma Thompson, SAVING MR. BANKS is the “true” story of Walt Disney’s promise to his daughters that he would make MARY POPPINS, their favorite book series, into a movie. Problems arise when the author of the series turns out to be a complete humbug herself and wants all children everywhere to suffer (that may be a slight exaggeration, but at least she sounds grumpier than you, dear reader). MR. BANKS has the heart and great acting that will make you want to root for everybody. Plus, it will have you on the edge of your seat to see if Walt succeeds in making the movie!


Walter Mitty definitely thinks Christmas sucks…

3.    THE SECRET LIFE OF WALTER MITTY:  Directed by and starring Ben Stiller, WALTER MITTY is about a day-dreamer who escapes his hum-drum world by withdrawing into his own imagination. But when his job and that of a co-worker’s are threatened, he goes on a real adventure and discovers he’s got more in him than he ever imagined. Sounds uplifting right? Well it is, and you should see it. The original 1947 film starring Danny Kaye was really outstanding, and this new rendition should speak to a whole new generation of grouches.

The holidays are officially here – and not everyone is happy about it. But great movies have a way of lifting spirits and easing stress. Why not help spread the cheer this year – or at least subdue the anger – by sharing these great films with your fellow movie lovers?

Peace and good will everybody!