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Halloween Mangle Double Feature!

halloween mangle

Halloween Mangle Double Feature!

Well here it is folks… with just days to go before the great hour of witching, we give you the greatest Treat of them all… not one, but TWO super scary Halloween Mangles to delight your funnybone, and tickle your shivers! (I think that’s a thing)  In any case, we polled our fans on Facebook to choose the very best of Movie Mangle to present this spooky season, and they chose wisely: The Exorcist, decades old STILL chills even the stoutest souls… and our Universal Movie Monsters special, which reminds one and all of the true meaning of Halloween.  So settle in with some hot cider and a pillow case full of fun size tasties, and prepare to enjoy the first ever Halloween Mangle Double Feature!  (mwaahahaaaahaaa!)

The EXORCIST will make you scream… Matt & Mike’s Movie Mangle will make you cringe

The Exorcist may have put Linda Blair on the map… but we thought it would be great to rewrite the map and all the directions. The classic film from 1973 still scares the bejeebles out of us, and for good reason!  We unearthed some amazing new footage of the exorcist Father Damian and his pal Father Merrin brutally beseeching the awful demon out of little Regan.

But you will have to see it for yourself to believe it… this might just be our best Movie Mangle yet, and our mothers agree wholeheartedly so it must be true!


Just in time for Halloween, The Exorcist gets Mangled in Technicolor! (not really)